The log-cabin Eagle’s nest is situated in the picturesque village Rudno (1.200m above sea level) on Golija mountain. The highest peaks of Golija are Jankov kamen (1.833m), Crni vrh (1.798m) and Radocelo (1.625m). Village Rudno is situated between Studenica monastery (14 km) and Gradac monastery (5km). You can reach Rudno by Ibarska highway from Kraljevo, Usce and Baljevac to Brvenik, where you need to take a right turn and drive 26km further to reach your destination. On the way to the mountain, there is famous Jorgovan valley and dominant medieval fortress Maglic that simply invites you to make a short break.

The construction of two monasteries at the hillsides of Golija points to the fact that this area was an important center for medieval Serbian rulers. Even today, when local residents cultivate land, they are find objects and coins that show the importance of this area back in the Roman’s times.

In the second half of the 19th century, back in 1856, famous nature scientist Josif Pancic came for the first time to Golija. In his documents, We can see how he was excited with natural resources of this area. Rose of the winds that overtakes Golija, immense and thick forests, a lot of medicinal herbs, eatable mushrooms, blueberries, strawberries, streams full of trout, the production of healthy food and lots of sunny days during the year represent the basic characteristics of the region.

Golija is one of the rare mountains in Europe where you can find wolves, bears, wild boars, wild cats, martens, eagles, falcons, eared owls and various kinds of songbirds.

What makes Rudno interesting is 14th century Nikoljaca church, restored small Saint Trojica church, beautiful and clear river, Brevina a center for camping and education, a 36 kilometers long Path of Health with ethno-log cabins on the way, canyon Kace which makes this area attractive and challenging.

The log-cabin Eagle’s nest is set in the rock, above the village, at a very good location for sightseeing. It is made exclusively out of natural material, wooden blocks and rocks. Kopaonik, Crni vrh, Jankov kamen and immense forests and meadows can be seen from several terraces.

Besides its attractive appearance, The log-cabin Eagle’s nest is very comfortable. It has everything necessary for enjoyable holiday: kitchen – fully equipped with double bed, TV – satellite and analog antenna, small kitchen for the living room, on the first floor, living room with a fireplace and glassed terrace equipped with double bed, TV, satellite and analog antenna, bar in the rock, toilet and shower cabin, bedroom with 2+1 bed and a terrace, small bedroom with 1 bed, three outdoor terraces, on different levels, with fireplace in the rock.

The most important events in Rudno are Traditional Christmas Eve in St. Trinity church, Fox hunting (March), wolf hunting (March), days of lilac in Gradac monastery (May), Scout’s camp in Brevina (July), Traditional festival in Rudno (July), Flowery fields of Europe (August), Traditional festival in Radocelo (august), Festival of potato (Sempteber) and Traditional festival in monastery Studenica (September).

After all, the most important date is when you decide to visit Golija and see all this for yourself.

Golija is biosphere park under protection of state and UNESCO, as natural resort of special significance. It gives you an opportunity to feel untouched nature, healthy lifestyle, to visit monasteries and meet people of this beautiful Serbian land.

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